Flights for Woodhead Cruise to Alaska

It's time to think about your transportation options for the Woodhead cruise.  Guests will be arriving into Seattle on various days prior to the cruise to enjoy additional sightseeing time.  It's a good idea to arrive into Seattle by Friday, August 17th to alleviate worries of missing the cruise ship as there are no refunds if you miss embarkation, even if it is caused by a flight delay.  Remember, flight reservations must be made in your full legal name just like your cruise reservation, so please double check that the name on your cruise reservation and flights match your identification/passport.

If traveling August 18th your flight must be scheduled to arrive by 1:00 PM.  Boarding for the cruise will begin about Noon.  Return flights on August 25th should be scheduled to depart after 11:30 AM to allow time for disembarkation and customs. 

Three options for making your flight arrangements

  1. Princess EZair® is quick, easy and a worry-free way to book airfare, featuring competitive prices. You will see two pricing options: "Flexible" and "Restricted". With Flexible airfare you can hold your preferred flights (without payment) and make changes without change fees until May 21, 2018. Restricted airfare must be paid at time of reservation. Notice that you have the option to select your travel dates, change your departure city and filter through the results to find the flights you prefer. Click here to access your cruise personalizer and browse flights under Travel Arrangements.
  2. Book your flights on your own and simply forward us a copy of your itinerary. You may find that you can obtain more competitive pricing or redeem your airline miles. 
  3. Group flights from Columbus, Ohio are available to book through Magic Cruises & Tours.  Currently, we have several different itineraries with limited seating capacity departing August 17 returning August 25/26.  Prices for group flights range from $591-$691 per person.  Call Marcia or Kate to go over the itinerary options and to secure reservations.  No additional payment is required for Group flights until final payment on or before May 21, 2018. A penalty of $150 per person will be charged if flights are cancelled between May 21-June 29, 2018. For cancellations on or after July 2, 2018 flight cost is non-refundable.  Travel insurance may cover these penalties if cancellation is due to a covered reason. 
$690.46 per person        
Delta 1069 17 Aug Columbus to Atlanta 10:25 AM 11:58 AM
Delta 2039 17 Aug Atlanta to Seattle 2:08 PM 4:33 PM
Delta 1989  25 Aug Seattle to Minneapolis   1:55 PM 7:09 PM
Delta 1381 25 Aug Minneapolis to Columbus   8:30 PM 11:25 PM                 


Magic Cruises is offering the following schedules from Columbus, OH for those who can fly overnight on the return arriving August 26th.


$591.06 per person        
Delta 2419 17 Aug Columbus to Atlanta 7:15 AM 8:58 AM
Delta 2329 17 Aug Atlanta to Seattle 10:50 AM 1:10 PM
Delta 1588 25 Aug Seattle to Atlanta   10:15 PM 5:54 AM arrives 26 Aug
Delta 1069 26 Aug Atlanta to Columbus   8:17 AM 9:50 AM 


 $607.43 per person        
Delta 914 17 Aug Columbus to Atlanta 8:30 AM 10:05 AM
Delta 2580 17 Aug Atlanta to Seattle 12:05 PM 2:33 PM
Delta 1799 25 Aug Seattle to Atlanta 11:45 PM 7:23 AM arrives 26 Aug
Delta 1276 26 Aug Atlanta to Columbus 10:03 AM 11:37 AM

 At this point the best prices are currently with Princess EZAir. We will continue to monitor the options and provide updates when applicable.  If you require assistance with flight arrangements please contact MAGIC at 614-847-5551, ask for Marcia or Kate.  EMAIL TO: Kate Black =   Marcia Forsee = 

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